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Croatia Year Sets

2002 Croatia Yearbook

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Hardcover yearbook with protective box and complete (mint) 2002 year set.

Year set includes: Famous Croats and Events; 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City; Croatian Chamber of Economy, 150th Anniv.; Trpimir's Deed of Gift, 1150th Anniv.; Franco Cardinal Kuharic; Divan, by Vlaho Bukovac; Royal Borough of Krizevci, 750th Anniv.; Varazdin Post Office, Cent.; Europa (Clown color: a, 3.50k, Orange. b, 5k, Blue); 2002 World Cup Soccer Championships, Japan and Korea; World Bowling Championships, Osijek; Oak Trees; 15th World Animated Films Festival, Zagreb; Lace (Lace from: 3.50k, Pag Island, Croatia. 5k, Liedekerke, Belgium); Fortresses Type of 2001; Old Slavonic Academy, Krk, Cent.; Children's Help Line 48 26 051, 5th Anniv.; Christmas; Modern Art Type of 2002; Zagreb Bishopric, 150th Anniv.; Pavao Ritter Vitezovic, Writer; Pacta Conventa, 900th Anniv.

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