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Kosovo Year Sets

2007 Kosovo Year Set (MNH)

Scott value: $98.25
Our price: $78.75 USD

Complete 2007 Kosovo year set includes: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Emblems of handicaps and 20c, Children and Butterfly; 50c, Handicapped Women; 70c, Map of Kosovo; €1 Stylized Flower), Scouting, cent., Europa, International Children's Day, Native Costumes (20c, Serbian women; 30c, Prizren Region women; 50c, Sword dancer; 70c, Drenica Region women; €1, Shepherd, Rugova), Masks, Sports (20c, Soccer ball, basketball, two people standing, person in wheelchair; 50c, Wrestlers; €1, Symbols of 24 sports), Architecture (30c, Stone bridge, Vushtrri; 50c, Hamam, Prizren; 70c, Tower; 1€, Tower, diff), Locomotives (€1, Diesel locomotive; €2, Steam locomotive).

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