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Kosovo Year Sets

2012 Kosovo Year Set (MNH)

Scott value: $74.80
Our price: $60.00 USD

Complete year set includes: Mitrovica (€1, Monument, workers, street, aerial view of city;  €2, Old and new street scenes), Freedom Fighters, Rexho Mulliqi (1923-1982), composer, Butterflies, Europa (€1, Cliff and valley; €2, House; €2, Buildings and bridge S/S), Lakes (20c, Badovac Lake; 50c, Gazivoda Lake; 70c, Lake Licenat), Isa Boletini (1864-1916), Kosovar Freedom Fighter, Hasan Prishtina (1873-1933), Prime minister of Albania, Bride in archway, Mejlinda Kelmendi, Kosovar Judoka Competing for Albania at 2012 Summer Olympics, Myths and Legends, Traditional Dances, Albanian Independence, Cent., Marin Barleti (c. 1450-c. 1512), Historian.

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