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Belgium / 1945-1952 / 36 pages

Scott value: $108.00
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SAFE-dual printed hingeless albums are available for most countries of the world. The patented SAFE-dual system is made of a printed cream cardboard page plus separate fully transparent foil stock page, crystal clear on both sides with pockets on one side only, to view both sides of the stamps.
dual pg(both sid).jpg (3422 bytes)The printed page _ made of a heavy cream cardboard (60# cover weight) background page, acid free (ph-neutral).

The foil page _ is made of 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates. It will not affect the paper, color or gum of the stamps at any time. Does not contain plasticized PVC.

  • Easy inserting and removal of stamps.
  • Crystal clear heavy foil fully protects and secures mint stamps all around.
  • A secure hold of mint stamps in the foil pocket is guaranteed by a clamping seam.
  • No stress inside the pockets while lifting or turning the pages, because of the supporting heavy, yet flexible, foil backplate.
  • Stability in form and size of the pages, even under extreme weather conditions.
  • No adhesives are used in or on any pages. All seams are welded, not glued.
  • Both sides of the stamps are fully visible without removal from the pocket.
  • Additional mint stamps (color varieties, etc.) may be added in the foil pockets where space permits.
  • Even pressure on all album pages due to the unique construction of the pages.
  • Collect both mint and used stamps on the same album page - attach the used stamps with a hinge to the illustrated cardboard page. The foil top page acts as the interleaf.

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