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Romania (1992-Present) - Modern

#4082-4091 Romania - Insects, Set of 10 (MNH)

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1996 Insects, Set of 10. Designs: 70 l, Chrysomela vigintipunctata (Spotted willow leaf beetle). 220 l, Cerambyx cerdo (Great capricorn beetle). 370 l, Entomoscelis adonidis. 650 l, Coccinella bipunctata (Two-spot ladybird or two-spotted ladybug). 700 l, Calosoma sycophanta (Forest caterpillar hunter beetle). 740 l, Hedobia imperialis. 960 l, Oryctes Nasicornis (European rhinoceros beetle). 1000 l, Trichius fasciatus (Eurasian bee beetle). 1500 l, Purpuricenus kaehleri. 2500 l, Anthaxia salicis

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