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Hungary Special Issues

#4283-4284S Hungary - 2013 Treasures of Hungarian Museums II, 3D Presentation Set (MNH)

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For the first time in the history of Hungarian stamp issuance, three-dimensional images made using the anaglyph, or color filtering, technique are being released as part of the Treasures of Hungarian Museums series. These unusual miniature sheets require special glasses with red and cyan filters. The anaglyph image contains information for both eyes but different color filters on each eye block some from reaching the left eye and some from the right eye, which creates a stereoscopic or three dimensional effect. The miniature sheets Lamp Museum, Zsámbék and Calcite Crystal Museum, Fertőrákos are also available as an exclusive stamp set. The set in an A5 film-wrapped pack consists of one copy of each of the two different special miniature sheets with information in Hungarian and English, and a gift pair of 3D glasses.

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