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#B56-B65 Latvia - Anti-Tuberculosis Society (MLH)

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1930 Latvian Anti-Tuberculosis Society, Set of 10. Designs: 1s (2s), 2s (4s), Tuberculosis Cross. 4s (8s), Allegory of Hope for the Sick. 5s (10s), Gustavs Zemgals. 6s (12s), Riga Castle. 10s (20s), Janis Cakste, 1st Pres. of Latvia. 15s (30s), Daisies and Double-barred Cross. 20s (40s), Pres. Alberts Kviesis. 25s (50s), Tuberculosis Sanatorium, near Riga. 30s (60s), Cakste, Kviesis and Zemgals.

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