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The Free Territory of Trieste was an independent territory situated in Central Europe between northern Italy and the Slovenia part of  Yugoslavia facing the Adriatic Sea, under direct responsibility of the United Nations Security Council after World War II. The Free Territory was established in 1947 by the Treaty of Paris to accommodate an ethnically and culturally  diverse population in a neutral independent country. The intention was to cool territorial claims between Italy and Yugoslavia to a strategic port for free trade in Central Europe. In 1947 administration of  Trieste was divided between two zones : A & B. Zone A was administered by the British and American Forces and Zone B was administered by the Yugoslav  National Army. The candidacy of the independent governor was never approved by the Soviet Union which had control of Yugoslavia at the time. The Free Territory was taken over by Italy  in  1954 but not formalized until a defacto Treaty of Osimo in 1975 although there are some that believe in the independent Free Port status of Trieste today.

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