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Albania Postwar

#1604-1611 Albania - Albanian Paintings (MNH)

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1974 Albanian Paintings, Set of 8. Designs: 10q, Widows, by Sali Shijaku. 15q, Drillers, by Danish Jukniu, vert. 20q, Workers with Blueprints, by Clirim Ceka. 25q, Call to Action, by Spiro Kristo, vert. 40q, Winter Battle, by Sabaudin Xhaferi. 80q, Comrades, by Clirim Ceka, vert. 1 l, Aiding the Partisans, by Guri Madhi. 1.20 l, Teachers with Pupils, by Kleo Nini Brezat.

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