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Albania Postwar

#1680-1687 Albania - Albanian Paintings (MNH)

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1975 Albanian Paintings, Set of 8. Designs: 5q, Shyqyri Kanapari by Musa Qarri. 10q, Woman Saving Children in Sea by Agim Faja. 15q, "November 28, 1912" (revolution), by Petrit Ceno, horiz. 20q, "Workers Unite," by Sali Shijaku. 25q, The Partisan Shota Galica by Ismail Lulani. 30q, Victorious Resistance Fighters, 1943, by Nestor Jonuzi. 80q, Partisan Couple in Front of Red Flag by Vilson Halimi. 2.25 l, Republic Day Celebration by Fatmir Haxhiu, horiz.

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