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#1749A-1760A Greece - Departmental Seat Type of 1990, Booklet Stamps (MNH)

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1992 Departmental Seat Type of 1990, Set of 12 Booklet Stamps, horiz. or vert. perf. 10½. Designs: 10d, Piraeus, The Old Clock Tower. 20d, Amphissa, view of city with citadel. 30d, Samos (Vathy), the Heraion (Heraion of Samos). 40d, Canea, city in 1800s. 50d, Zakynthos (Zante), view in 1800s. 60d, Karpenision, Velouchi and city. 70d, Kilkis, The Cave (of St. Georgiou Kilkis), vert. 80d, Xanthe, door of town hall, vert. 90d, Salonika (Thessaloniki), Macedonian Struggle Museum. 120d, Komotine, Tsanakleous School. 340d, Drama, spring. 400d, Larissa (Larisa), Pinios Bridge.

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