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Romania Postwar

#1967-1988 Romania - Communication and Transportation (MNH)

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1967-1968 Communication and Transportation, Set of 22. Designs: 5b, Truck. 10b, Communications emblem, vert. 20b, Train. 35b, Plane. 40b, 55b, 1.60 l, Arms of the Republic. 50b, Telephone, vert. 60b, Small loading truck. 1 l, Diesel locomotive. 1.20 l, Autobus. 1.35 l, Helicopter. 1.50 l, Trolley bus. 1.55 l, Radio station and tower. 1.75 l, Highway. 2 l, Mail truck. 2.40 l, Television tower. 3 l, Map showing telephone network (40th anniv. of the first automatic telephone exchange; introduction of automatic telephone service). 3.20 l, Jet plane. 3.25 l, Steamship. 4 l, Electric train. 5 l, World map and teletype. 

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