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Croatia Year Sets

1992 Croatia Year Set (MNH)

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Complete 1992 Year Set. Set includes: Shrine of the Virgin, 700th Anniversary; Croatian Arms; 1992 Winter Olympics, Albertville; Croatian Cities and Landmarks; Statue of King Tomislav; Railroad Station, Zagreb, Cent.; Matica, Society of Knowledge and Literacy, 150th Anniversary; Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Founder (Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, 125th Anniv. in 1991); 1991 Summer Olympics, Barcelona; Flowers; Wildlife; Discovery of America, 500th Anniv.; Declaration of Croatian Literary Language, 25th Anniv.; Spelling reform by Dr. Ivan Broz, cent.; City of Samobor, 750th Anniv.; Gift of the St. Juraj Church by Archbishop Mucimir, 1100th Anniv.; Reign of King Bela IV, 750th Anniv.; Christmas; Blaz Lorkovic (1839-1892), Scientist; Kolo Literature Review, 150th Anniv.; Ivan Bunic-Vucic (1592-1658); Famous Croatians; Paper Airplane Made From Picture of Osijek Cathedral

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