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#4364 Hungary - 2015 Saints and Blesseds III - St. Astrik Set (MNH)

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2015 Saints and Blesseds III - Saint Astrik, Set.

Design: 600fo, St. Astrik Offering Crown to St. Stephen and Queen Gisela

Magyar Posta is presenting the theme of Hungarian saints and blesseds through a series of stamps to be issued over several years. The third part of Magyar Posta’s philatelic series commemorates one of the most important figures in the foundation of the Church in Hungary, Saint Astrik. 

Saint Astrik (? – ca 1034) was a Benedictine monk, the abbot of several monasteries, ambassador, bishop and archbishop. He became the abbot of the Benedictine monastery in Pannonhalma. In 999 he founded a monastery in honour of Saint Benedict in Pécsvárad, when he was summoned by King Stephen in 1000 to accomplish his most important diplomatic mission, to bring a crown and permission to establish an ecclesiastical organization in Hungary from Pope Sylvester II in Rome. Astrik’s activity was invaluable in establishing Christianity in Hungary and he constantly strove for the salvation of souls by leading an exemplary holy life.

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