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#2586-2590 Czechoslovakia - Painting Type of 1967 (MNH)

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1985 Painting Type of 1967, Set of 5. Designs: 1k, Young Woman in a Blue Gown, by Jozef Ginovsky (1800-1857). 2k, Lenin on the Charles Bridge, Prague, 1952, by Martin Sladky (b. 1920). 3k, Avenue of Poplars, 1935, by Vaclav Rabas (1885-1954). 4k, The Martyrdom of St. Dorothea, 1516, by Hans Baldung Grien (c.1484-1545). 5k, Portrait of Jasper Schade van Westrum, by Frans Hals (c. 1581-1666).

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