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#1436-1443 Greece - National Resistance Movement, 1941-1944 (MNH)

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1982 National Resistance Movement, 1941-1944, Set of 8. Designs: 1d, Demonstration of Mar. 24, 1942. 2d, Sacrifice of Inhabitants of Kalavrita, by S. Vasiliou. 5d, Resistance Fighters in Thrace, by A. Tassos. 9d, The Start of the Resistance in Crete, by P. Gravalos. 12d, Partisan Men and Women, by P. Gravalos. 21d, Blowing Up a Bridge, by A. Tassos. 30d, Fighters at a Barricade, by G. Skaliotis. 50d, The Fight in Northern Greece, by V. Katraki. 5d, 9d, 12d, 21d, vert.

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