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#1524-1531 Greece - Salonika City, 2300th Anniv. (MNH)

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1985 Salonika City, 2300th Anniversary, Aristotelian University, Trade Fair, 60th Anniversaries, Set of 8. Designs: 1d, Coin of King Cassander (315 B.C.), Personification of Salonica, Galerius Era Bas-relief. 5d, Sts. Demetrius and Methodius, Mosaics. 15d, Emperor sacrificing at Altar, Arch of Galerius, Roman era. 20d, Eastern walls of Salonica, Byzantine era. 32d, Houses in the Upper City. 50d, Liberation of Salonika by the Greek Army, 1912. 80d, German occupation, 1941-1944, the Old Mosque. 95d, View of city, Trade Fair Grounds, Aristotelian University tower.

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