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#3711-3721 Hungary - 2000 Furniture Type of 1999, Set of 11 (MNH)

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2000 Furniture Type of 1999, Set of 11. Designs: 2fo, Wooden chair, 1838, vert. 3fo, 19th cent. chair, vert. 4fo, Chair by Géza Maróti, 1900, vert. 5fo, Chair by Ödön Faragó, 1900, vert. 6fo, Chair by Márton Kovács, 1893, vert. 9fo, 18th cent. chair from Dunapataj, vert. 26fo, 1850 chair, vert. 29fo, 19th cent. chair with animal designs, vert. 30fo, Chair by Károly Nagy, 1935, vert. 80fo, 1840-1850, chair, vert. 90fo, Chair by Lajos Kozma, 1928, vert.

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