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#396-408 Greece - Greek Scenes (MNH)

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1937 Greek Scenes, Set of 13. Designs: 5 l, Contest with Bull. 10 l, Lady of Tiryns. 20 l, Zeus of Dodona. 40 l, Coin of Amphictyonic League. 50 l, Diagoras of Rhodes, Victor at Olympics. 80 l, Venus of Melos. 2d, Battle of Salamis. 5d, Chariot of Panathenaic Festival. 6d, Alexander the Great at Battle of Issos. 7d, St. Paul Preaching to Athenians. 10d, St. Demetrius' Church at Salonika. 15d, Leo III Victory over Arabs. 25d, Allegorical Figure of Glory

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