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#506-515 Greece - Return of Dodecanese (MNH)

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1947-1948 Return of the Dodecanese to Greece, Set of 10. Designs: No. 506, 20d, Kastellorizo (Castellorizo) Castle. No. 507, 30d, Dodecanese vase. No. 508, 50d, Dodecanese costume. No. 509, 100d, Monastery where St. John Preached, Patmos. No. 510, 250d, Emanuel Xanthos. No. 511, 450d, Sailing Vessel of 1824. No. 512, 450d, Revolutionary Stamp. No. 513, 500d, Sailing Vessel of 1824. No. 514, 600d, Statue of Hippocrates. No. 515, 1000d, Colossus of Rhodes.

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