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#972-982 Greece - Labors of Hercules (MNH)

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1970 Labors of Hercules, Set of 11. Designs: 20 l, Hercules and the Cretan Bull. 30 l, Capture of the Cerberus. 1d, Capture of the golden apples of the Hesperides. 1.50d, Lernean Hydra. 2d, Slaying of Geryon. 2.50d, Hercules and the  Erymanthian Boar. 3d, Centaur Nessus. 4.50d, Fight with the river God Achelous. 5d, Nemean lion. 6d, Stymphalian birds. 20d, Giant Antaeus.

Designs of 20 l and 1d are from Temple of Zeus, Olympia; others are from various vessels; all from 7th-5th cent. B.C.

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