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#3549-3558 Russia - Paintings (MNH)

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1968 Russian State Museum, Leningrad, Set of 10. Designs: Paintings: 1k, The Reapers, by A. Venetsianov. 2k, The Last Day of Pompeii, by Karl P. Bryullov. 3k, Knight at the Crossroads, by Viktor M. Vasnetsov. 4k, [Capture of a Town in Winter] The Capture of Snow Town, by Vasily I. Surikov. 6k, On the Lake, by I. Levitan. 10k, Alarm, 1919 (family), by K. Petrov-Vodkin. 16k, Defense of Sevastopol, 1942, by A. Deineka. 20k, Sculptor of a Bust of Homer, by G. Korzhev. 30k, Celebration on Uritsky Square, 1920, by G. Kustodiev. 50k, Duel Between Peresvet and Chelubey, by Avilov.

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