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Bulgaria - Prewar

#420-433 Bulgaria - Legend of Kubrat, Cavalry Charge (MNH)

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1942 Historical Events, Set of 14. Designs: 10s, Legend of Kubrat. 15s, Cavalry charge. 30s, Rider of Madara (Madara Horseman). 50s, Christening of Boris I. 1 l, School, St. Naum. 2 l, Crowning of Tsar Simeon by Boris I. 3 l, Golden era of Bulgarian literature. 4 l, Sentencing of the Bogomil Basil. 5 l, Proclamation of 2nd Bulgarian Empire. 7 l, Ivan Assen II at Trebizond. 10 l, Deporting the Patriarch Jeftimi. 14 l, Wandering minstrel. 20 l, Monk Paisii. 30 l, Monument, Shipka Pass.

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