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Romania (1992-Present) - Modern

#4202 Romania - No. 4081 Surcharged in Red S/S (MNH)

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1998 No. 4081 Surcharged in Red, Sheet of 3, #a-c. Designs: a, 900 l on 370 l. b, 700 l on 150 l. c, 3900 l on 1500 l. Surcharge on #4202a, 4202c does not include '98 show emblem. This appears in the selvage to the right and left of the stamps.

Design of No. 4081 - Romfilex '96, Romanian-Israeli Philatelic Exhibition: Paintings: a, 370 l, On the Terrace at Sinaia, by Theodor Aman. b, 150 l, The Post Office, by M. Stoican. c, 1500 l, Old Jerusalem, by Reuven Rubin.

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