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#501-505 Armenia - End of World War II, 50th Anniv. (MNH)

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1995 End of World War II, 50th Anniversary, Set of 5. Designs: No. 501, P. Kitsook, 408th Armenian Rifle Division. No. 502, A. Sargisson, N. Safarian, 89th Taman Armenian Triple Order-Bearer Division. No. 503, B. Chernikov, N. Tavartkeladze, O. Penkovsky, 76th Armenian Alpine Rifle Red Banner (51st Guards) Division. No. 504, S. Zakian, H. Babayan, I. Lyudnikov, 390th Armenian Rifle Division. No. 505, A. Vassilian, M. Dobrovolsky, Y. Grechany, G. Sorokin, 409th Armenian Rifle Division.

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