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#B189-B198 Austria - St. Stephen's Cathedral, Set of 10 (MNH)

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1946 St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Set of 10. Designs: 3g + 12g, Statue of Rudolf IV the Founder. 5g + 20g, Tomb of Frederick III. 6g + 24g, Main pulpit. 8g + 32g, Statue of St. Stephen. 10g + 40g, Madonna of the Domestics Statue. 12g + 48g, High altar. 30g + 1.20s, Organ, destroyed in 1945. 50g + 1.80s, Anton Pilgrim statue. 1s + 5s, Cathedral from Northeast. 2s + 10s, Southwest corner of cathedral; surtax aided the reconstruction of St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna. 

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