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#672 Belarus - Medals of Belarus M/S (MNH)

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2008 Medals of Belarus, Miniature Sheet of 8, #a-h + 2 labels. Designs: a, Medal of Note for Military Service (round medal with star, torch, red and green banner). b, Medal of Hero of Belarus (star-shaped medal). c, Medal for Bravery (round medal with airplanes, tank and text). d, Medal for Labor Achievements (round medal with gray and green ribbon). e, First, second and third class medals for Perfect Service (three round medals with green and red ribbons). f, Medal of Note in Guarding the Civil Order (round medal with blue ribbon with red stripes). g, Medal of Note for Guarding the State Border (round medal with boarder guard and boundary marker). h, Medal of Francysk Skaryna (green and white ribbon).

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