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Ukraine Postal History

Ukraine - 2024 Heroic Professions - Ukrposhta is always by your side - Postcard

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The postal set “Heroic Professions. Ukrposhta is always by your side” is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the national postal operator. This issue emphasizes the importance of the selfless work of the company's employees, who, despite the difficult wartime conditions, continue fulfilling their duties: delivering parcels in Ukraine and sending parcels abroad, issuing pensions and social assistance, helping transport thousands of tons of humanitarian aid, etc. 

The courage and heroism of the employees of post offices in the frontline areas is particularly noteworthy, as Ukrposhta is almost the only provider of essential services for both the military and the residents who are not ready to leave their homes close to the war zone.

The postage stamp block “Heroic Professions. Ukrposhta is always by your side” was released in the series "Heroic professions", which was launched in 2023 and dedicated to people of various professions who work bravely and selflessly during the large-scale war for the victory of Ukraine.


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