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#4370 Hungary - Space Achievements M/S (MNH)

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Is a commemorative miniature sheet to record current space research, anniversaries and events on postage stamps. The miniature sheet is intended to appeal to young people by mixing reality and fiction, and photographic and child-like drawings. The  sheet contains eight stamps, uses a combination of offset and UV printing methods.   The stamp marks the 50th anniversaries of the spacewalks by Alexey Leonov and Edward White. On March 18, 1965 Alexey Leonov became the first person to step into space. He spent 12 minutes outside the spacecraft Voskhod 2. On June 3 the same year, the Gemini 4 astronaut Edward White spent 36 minutes in space outside his capsule. The stamps showing the two topical events depict the space probes New Horizons and Dawn. The former was launched on January 19, 2006 as the first mission in the New Frontiers program. Dawn is the ninth probe in the Discovery program, which will explore Ceres as part of its mission and went into orbit round the dwarf planet on March 6, 2015.

Special feature of the miniature sheet is that under UV light text describing the space research anniversaries and events becomes visible as do the planets of the Solar System and the stylized orbits of the subjects of the topical events, the dwarf planet Ceres and Pluto.

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