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#4463 Hungary - Roma Heroes of 1956 Uprising M/S (MNH)

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Hungary - 2018 Roma Heroes of 1956 Uprising, Miniature Sheet of 10, #a-j, commemorating the actions of those during the 1956 Revolution and Fight for Freedom. a, Gyula Dandos (1938–1957), leader of Revolutionary Students' Council. b, István Fátyol (1934-2004), Terézváros group leader. c, Sándor Csányi (1929-1959), freedom fighter. d, Mátyás Kolompár (1924-1957), freedom fighter. e, György Cziffra (1921-1994), pianist. f, Károly Strausz (1928-1986), Soroksár freedom fighter. g, József Kóté Sörös (1927–1959), freedom fighter. h, Gabor Dilinkó (1929-2014), freedom fighter. i, Erzsébet Hrozova (1938–2013), nurse for wounded freedom fighters. j,  Ilona Szabó (c. 1939-1956), freedom fighter.

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