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#4579 Hungary - 30 Years of Freedom M/S (MNH)

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2020 - Free Elections in Hungary, 30th Anniversary, Miniature Sheet of 10, #a-j. Designs: a, Dr. Jozsef Antall (1932-93), Prime Minister. b, Dr. Istvan Balsai (1947-2020), Minister of Justice. c, Hungarian Parliament Chamber. d, Dr. Lajos Fur (1930-2013), Minister of Defense. e, Jeno Gerbovits (1925-2011), Minister of Compensation. f, Sandor Gyorivanyi (1927-2007), Minister of Labor. g, Dr. Balazs Horvath (1942-2006), Interior Minister. h, Dr. Ferenc Madl (1931-2011), Minister of Education and second President. i, Ferenc Jozsef Nagy (1923-2019), Minister of Agriculture. j, Ferenc Rabar (1929-99), Minister of Finance.

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