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Ukraine - 2023 Christmas - Gifts of St. Nicholas Sheet (MNH)

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2023 Christmas sheet - "Gifts of St. Nicholas"
Issued on December 6, 2023

In 2023, one of the most beloved winter holidays, St. Nicholas Day, is celebrated in Ukraine for the first time on December 6, along with the Armed Forces Day. St. Nicholas was a Christian priest who lived in the III–IV centuries. He became famous for helping the poor, especially children. The image of St. Nicholas is the embodiment of humanity, kindness and high moral values. According to the tradition of the holiday, St. Nicholas brings gifts for good deeds and actions, and "the rods of punishment" – for bad ones. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the dreams of both adults and children have transformed into one common desire - to win the victory. And this year's celebration of St. Nicholas Day together with the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine further strengthens the Ukrainian nation's faith in the victory of good over evil. On the postage stamp "Gifts from St. Nicholas", interpreted by artist Kost Lavro, St. Nicholas is carrying weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a camouflage bag, which is so necessary for Ukraine's victory, while the enemy will get "the rod of punishment" from the saint and our soldiers.

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