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Ukraine Postal History

Ukraine - 2023 "Heroic Professions. Iron Men." Ukrainian Railways Trains FDC

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 2023 "Heroic Professions. Iron Men." Ukrainian Railways Trains  First Day Cover

• Issue date — November 1, 2023

"Iron people" are the employees of "Ukrzaliznytsia", people of various railway professions from all regions of the country, who drove trains under fire, rescued people at stations, restored tracks and power grids after bombings.
   In the first days of Russia's full-scale aggression, Ukrainians from various regions tried to escape the war and leave dangerous regions. The main artery for evacuation was Ukrzaliznytsia, which did not stop working for a single day.
   Instead of regular flights, special evacuation routes were launched. Trains transported people for free. There was a catastrophic lack of seats in the carriages, so passengers often had to travel even standing up.
   Most people were evacuated from Kyiv. Trains transported the population around the clock. At least 7 flights were made per day. And one carried up to 3,000 passengers. In total, since February 24, railway workers managed to evacuate more than 4 million people and more than 120,000 domestic animals from regions where active hostilities continued.

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