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Ukraine - 2024 Coats of Arms - Cities and Towns - Sheet of 21 (MNH)

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The stamp sheet "Coats of arms of cities, towns and villages of Ukraine" consists of 19 stamps and 2 coupons issued during 2017-2022 in the series of the same name of the ninth standard issue of postage stamps.

The sheet depicts the coats of arms of 12 cities, 5 towns and 4 villages from different regions of Ukraine, including Yalta and Yenakiyevo, which are under temporary occupation, as well as Bakhmut, a fortress city that has become a symbol of Ukrainian indomitability.   

The coats of arms of the settlements are placed in rounded shields, which in turn are inscribed in decorative cartouches, crowned with the corresponding heraldic crown.

Cities and urban-type settlements have a silver city crown in the form of a stone tower with three merlons. Villages that once had city rights but lost this status have a red city crown, and the coats of arms of villages that never had city rights have a golden crown of five ears of wheat.

The issue was scheduled for release in 2022, but due to the outbreak of full-scale Russian aggression, it was postponed to 2024.


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