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Ukraine - 2024 “Russian navy - to the bottom!” - Souvenir sheet

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“The Russian navy - to the bottom!” stamp issue continues the legendary wartime series of postage stamps “Russian warship...”.

Back in April 2022, the first postage stamp of the series, “russian warship, go...!”, foreshadowed the destruction by the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the enemy cruiser Moskva, which went down to the bottom immediately after the stamp was put into circulation. 

During the two years of the large-scale war, the Ukrainian Defense and Security Forces have sunk, damaged and disabled a third of the russian Black Sea fleet. Among the enemy's biggest losses there are: dock landing ships Saratov (24 March 2022), Minsk (13 September 2023), Novocherkassk (26 December 2023), Tsezar Kunikov (14 February 2024); guided missile cruiser Moskva (13 April 2022); salvage tug Spasatel Vasily Bekh (17 June 2022); attack submarine Rostov-na-Donu (13 September 2023); patrol ship Sergey Kotov (05 March 2024). 

The battle at sea continues. And the next one that could go “to the bottom” is the frigate Admiral Makarov, because the ultimate goal of Ukrainian defenders is the complete absence of Russian warships in the Azov-Black Sea region. 

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