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Ukraine Postal History

Ukraine - 2024 City of Heroes - Chernihiv Region - Envelope

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For more than a month, since February 24, 2022, the enemy has been trying to occupy the territory of Chernihiv region to get as close to the capital as possible.

Despite the danger, the locals actively resisted: they set up artificial obstacles to the advance of enemy vehicles on the roads, tracked their movement and passed information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in other words, did everything to help the defenders hold back the offensive.

The Ukrainian military fought desperately for every meter of their homeland and by April 3, 2022, drove the Russian aggressor out of the entire region.

With the liberation, peace did not return to the region, as the proximity of the border with Russia allows the enemy to launch constant missile attacks aimed at settlements in the region. 

But this did not prevent active recovery from the Russian invasion. The Chernihiv region has survived and is rebuilding, and its residents deserve our sincere respect for their active struggle.

The postage issue, which is a continuation of the “Cities of Heroes” series, is dedicated to Chernihiv, Nizhyn, Yahidne and Semenivka

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