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Ukraine - 2024 Weapons of Victory. Made in UA” WAR IN UKRAINE - Souvenir sheet

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The postage issue “Weapons of Victory. Made in UA” presents the latest models of Ukrainian-made weapons. 

The Shark reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle is designed to observe and adjust fire. It is equipped with a highly reliable communication module that allows it to penetrate into the enemy's rear up to 80 km in conditions of electronic warfare. 

Lutyi is a strike tactical unmanned aerial vehicle created in a short time in the context of a large-scale invasion. It is designed to destroy stationary targets in the enemy's operational depth. 

One of the largest FPV drones “Eskadron”, created by large-scale assembly. 

The Bogdana self-propelled artillery system, which became the first Ukrainian self-propelled artillery system designed for the NATO-standard 155 mm caliber. The Bohdana is one of the most widely used 155 mm self-propelled artillery systems in the Ukrainian army. 

The Kozak armored vehicle is designed to transport personnel, weapons and military equipment. It can also provide “armor cover” during firefights, assaults on buildings, etc. 

The MAGURA V5 marine drone is an autonomous security unmanned robotic vehicle designed for surveillance, reconnaissance, patrolling, search and rescue, mine clearance, ship security, and combat missions. 

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