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#1820-1826 Hungary - Paintings, Maximum Cards (Used)

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1967 Paintings, Set of 7 maximum cards; Issued to honor Hungarian painters; No. 1819 commemorates AMPHILEX 67 and the F.I.P. Congress, Amsterdam, May 11-21. Designs: 60f, Franz Liszt by Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900). 1fo, Sámuel Lányi, self-portrait, 1840. 1.50fo, Lady in Fur-lined Jacket by József Borsos (1821-1883). 1.70fo, The Lovers, by Pál Szinyei Merse (1845-1920). 2fo, Portrait of Szidónia Deák1861, by Alajos Györgyi (1821-1863). 2.50fo, National Guardsman, 1848, by József Borsos

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