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#1863-1869 Hungary - Painting Type of 1967, Maximum Cards (Used)

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1967 - Painting Type of 1967, Set of 7 maximum cards. Designs: Paintings: 60f, Brother and Sister, by Adolf Fenyes (1867-1945). 1fo, Wrestling Boys by Oszkar Glatz (1872-1958). 1.50fo, "October" by Karoly Ferenczy (1862-1917). 1.70fo, Women at the River Bank, by Istvan Szonyi (1894-1961). 2.50fo, Godfather's Breakfast by IstvanĀ Cook (1865-1961). 2.50fo, "Eviction Notice" by Gyula Derkovits (1894-1934). 3fo, Self-Portrait by M.T. Csontvary Kosztka (1853-1919).

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