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#1437-1446 Hungary - Fish in Natural Colors (MNH)

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1962 Fish in Natural Colors, Black Inscriptions. Designs: Tropical Fish: 20f, Xiphophorus helleri (Green swordtail). 30f, Macropodus opercularis (Paradise fish). 40f, Lebistes reticulatus (Guppy). 60f, Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish). 80f, Puntius tetrazona (Tiger barb). 1fo, Pterophyllum scalare (Freshwater angelfish). 1.20fo, Mesogonistius chaetodon (Black-banded sunfish). 1.50fo, Aphyosemion australe (Lyretail killfish). 2fo, Hyphessobrycon innesi (Neon tetra). 3fo, Symphysodon aequifasciatus (Blue discus).

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