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#1507-1528 Hungary - Transportation, Set of 22 (MNH)

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1963-1964 Transportation, Set of 22 stamps. Designs: 10f, Ship and Chain Bridge, Budapest. 20f, Trolley. 30f, Sightseeing bus & Natl. Museum. 40f, Bus & trailer. 50f, Railroad tank car. 60f, Trolley bus. 70f, Railroad mail car. 80f, Motorcycle messenger. No. 1515, Bus and Parliament. No. 1516, Mail plane, vert. No. 1517, Television transmitter, Miskolc, vert. 1.40fo, Mobile post office. 1.70fo, Diesel locomotive. 2fo, Mobile radio transmitter & stadium. 2.50fo, Tourist bus. 2.60fo, Passenger train. 3fo, P.O. parcel conveyer. 4fo, Television transmitter, Pecs, vert. 5fo, Hydraulic lift truck & mail car. 6fo, Woman teletypist. 8fo, Map of Budapest & automatic dial phone. 10fo, Girl pioneer & woman letter carrier.

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