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#1578-1595 Hungary - Buildings (MNH)

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1964 Buildings, Set of 18.

Designs: No. 1578, Budapest Fair Buildings. No. 1579, Ervin Szabó Library; Municipal libraries, 60th Anniversary, and librarian Szabó (1877-1918). No. 1580, Writer András Fáy (1786-1864). No. 1581, Aggtelek Cave scene. No. 1582, Excavating bauxite; Bauxite mining in Hungary, 30th year. No.1583, Cent. of 1st Socialist International. No. 1584, Equestrian statue, Székesfehérvár; King Alba Day in Székesfehérvár. No. 1585, Bowler; 1st European Bowling Championship, Budapest.

No. 1586, Waterfall and forest; Congress of National Forestry Federation. No. 1587, Architect Miklós Ybl (1814-1891) and Budapest Opera. No. 1588, City of Cegléd, 600th anniversary. No. 1589, Opening of the 1964 Budapest International Fair. No. 1590, Armor, saber, sword & foil; Hungarian Youth Fencing Association, 50th anniversary. No. 1591-1592, Shakespeare and Galileo, 400th birth anniversaries; No. 1592, Galileo Galilei. No. 1593, Women basketball players; 9th European Women's Basketball Championship. No. 1594, Michelangelo's 400th death anniversary. No. 1595, Two runners breaking tape; 50th anniversary of 1st Hungarian-Swedish athletic meet.