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#1647-1658 Hungary - Victories by Hungarians in the 1964 Olympic Games (MNH)

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1965 Victories by the Hungarian team in the 1964 Olympic Games, Tokyo, Oct. 10-25, Set of 12. Designs: Medals: 20f, Equestrian, Gold and Bronze Medals. 30f, Women's gymnastics, silver & bronze. 50f, Small-bore rifle, gold & bronze. 60f, Water polo, gold. 70f, Shot put, bronze. 80f, Soccer, gold. 1fo, Weight lifting, 1 bronze, 2 silver. 1.20fo, Canoeing, silver. 1.40fo, Hammer throw, silver. 1.50fo, Wrestling, 2 gold. 1.70fo, Javelin, 2 silver. 3fo, Fencing, 3 gold.

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