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#1795-1801 Hungary - Paintings (MNH)

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1966 Paintings, Issued to honor Hungarian painters, Set of 7. Designs: 60f, Girl in Forest, by Miklós Barabás. 1fo, Mrs. István Bittó, by Miklós Barabás (1810-1898). 1.50fo, Hunyadi's Farewell by Gyula Benczúr (1844-1920). 1.70fo, Reading Woman by Gyula Benczúr, horiz. 2fo, Woman with Fagots by Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900). 2.50fo, Yawning Boy, by Mihály Munkácsy. 3fo, Lady in Violet, by Pál Szinyei Merse (1845-1920).

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