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#1828-1834 Hungary - Flags in Natural Colors, Set of 7 (MNH)

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1967 Flags in Natural Colors, Set of 7; 25th Session of the Danube Commission. Designs: 30f, S.S. Ferencz DeákSchönbühel Castle, Austrian Flag. 60f, Diesel hydrous, Bratislava Castle and Czechoslovak flag. 1fo, Diesel ship Hunyadi, Buda Castle and Hungarian flag. 1.50fo, Diesel tug Szekszárd, Golubac Fortress and Yugoslav flag. 1.70fo, Towboat Miskolc, Baba Vida Fortress, Vidin and Bulgarian flag. 2fo, Cargo ship Tihany, Galați shipyard and Romanian flag. 2.50fo, Hydrofoil Sirály I, Ismail Harbor and Russian flag.

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