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Hungary Airmail

#2928-2931, C446-C447 Hungary - Audubon Birth Bicentenary, Birds Imperf (MNH)

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1985 Audubon Birth Bicentenary, Set of 6 imperf stamps. Designs: Audubon Illustrations: No. 2928, 2fo, Colaptes cafer (Red-shafted flicker). No. 2929, 2fo, Bombycilla garrulus (Bohemian waxwing). No. 2930, 2fo, Dryocopus pileatus (Pileated woodpecker). No. 2931, 4fo, Icterus galbula (Baltimore oriole). 

Audubon Type of 1985 - No. C446, 4fo, Colaptes auratus (Northern flicker). No. C447, 6fo, Richmondena cardinalis (Northern cardinal). 

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