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Hungary Airmail

#C210-C218 Hungary - Flight Development (MNH)

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1962 Flight, Set of 9; Issued to show flight development: "From Icarus to the Space Rocket." Designs: 30f, Icarus and Aero Club emblem. 40f, Glider and Lilienthal's 1898 Design. 60f, Light monoplane and 1912 aerobatic plane. 80f, Airship GZ-1 and Montgolfier balloon. 1fo, IL-18 Malev and Wright 1903 plane. 1.40fo, Stunt plane and Nyesterov's (Nesterov) 1913 plane. 2fo, Helicopter and Asbóth's 1929 helicopter. 3fo, Supersonic bomber and Zhukovsky's turbo motor. 4fo, Space rocket and Tsiolkovsky's rocket.

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