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Hungary Airmail

#C308-C311 Hungary - Spaceflights M/S (4) (MNH)

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1970-1971 Spaceflights, 4 Miniature Sheets, 4 stamps each.

Designs: No. C308: Apollo 13 over moon; return to Earth; capsule with parachutes; capsule floating, aircraft carrier and helicopter. 

No. C309: Soyuz 9 on way back to launching pad; launching of Soyuz 9 capsule in orbit; cosmonauts Andrian Nikolayev and Vitaly Sevastyanov.

No. C310: Luna 16 approaching moon; module on moon; landing; nose cone on ground ('71). 

No. C311: Lunokhod 1 on moon; trajectories of Luna 17 around Earth and moon ('71).

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