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Hungary Airmail

#C385-C391 Hungary - History of Airships, Set of 7 (MNH)

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1977 History of Airships, Set of 7. Designs: 40f, Montgolfier Brothers and Balloon, 1783. 60f, David Schwarz and airship, 1850. 1fo, Alberto Santos-Dumont and airship flying around Eiffel Tower, 1901. 2fo, Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky, airship and Kremlin, 1857. 3fo, Roald Amundsen, airship Norge, Polar bears and map, 1872. 4fo, Hugo Eckener, Graf Zeppelin over Mt. Fuji, 1930. 5fo, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Graf Zeppelin over Chicago, 1932.

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