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Hungary Airmail

#C400-C406 Hungary - 75th Anniv. of 1st Powered Flight, Set of 7 (MNH)

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1978 - 75th Anniversary of 1st powered flight by Wright Brothers, Set of 7. Designs: 40f, Louis Blériot and La Manche. 60f, J. Alcock & R.W. Brown, Vickers Vimy, 1919. 1fo, A.C. Read, Navy Curtiss NC-4, 1919. 2fo, H. Köhl, G. Hünefeld, J. Fitzmaurice, Junkers W33, 1928. 3fo, A. Johnson, J. Mollison, Gipsy Moth, 1930. 4fo, G. Endresz, S. Magyar, Lockheed Sirius, 1931. 5fo, W. Gronau, Dornier WAL, 1932.

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